Tuesday, September 16, 2008

States by Electoral votes (Elections)

As we have already learned, in order to win a Presidential Election a candidate must have 270 of the 536 possible electoral votes.
A candidate receives those votes by winning a state. In some cases a state may split their electoral votes to distribute the votes more democratically.
Using this Poll Data
and the electoral map showing how many votes each state receives,
try to figure out a few winning combinations of states.

Using the Poll Data again, what are some common elements of Blue States(Democrat Leaning)? of Red States(Republican Leaning)?
(Where are they located? What do you know about those areas? Are they rich/poor? What kinds of industries/businesses do they have? Are they heavily populated or not?)

The 2000 election came down to Florida, the 2004 election came down to Ohio, Do you think that something like that could happen again? (Which states seem to be possible showdowns? Why?) -check out these links if you need help.
(This poll data comes from "battle ground" states, is it helpful?)
(These are some of the daily headlines concerning polling from one of the major organizations that collects this data)

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