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A) What do you personally need for a day? Week?  a year? 10 years? Your life?
(record the stuff and people that come to mind in order)
What about as a small community?  -are the needs different? in what way?
B) What do you want in your future house? What will it look like? What does society expect it to look like?
C) When you spend time with friends or family, how much of that time is spent focused on stuff? Which stuff? Is there a difference between kinds of things?  Can some stuff be a good for conversation/play?
D) Is more better? Is growth good? 
E) Is having more choice better?
F) Does freedom mean freedom to buy?
G) What is the hidden cost of cheap goods?
H) Is organic better? Is local better? Is vegetarian better? Is seasonal food better?  is Humane treatment important?
I ) What is in your room?
J) How much do you waste in a day?
K) What is recyclable, reusable, reducible, avoidable?  What can be recycled in Minneapolis?
L) How do we keep civilization alive? Is it possible? Is civilization good?
M) Where is your stuff from? Technology, clothes, food, other stuff? 
N) Where are the materials to our stuff from?  How do we get them?
O) Can you make a toaster?
P) How many of the shows/commercials on tv are about stuff?
Q) Who are your “Joneses?”
R) What does the middle class look like?
S) Does stuff, require more stuff?
T) What are the working conditions like to make our stuff?
U) What does the process of making stuff do to the environment?
V) What is garbage? What is the impact of trash?
W) What is the Story of stuff?
X) What is affluenza?
Y) What is the commons? Is the tragedy of the commons real?
Z) What is green?
1) Are we working too hard? What would happen if we didn’t work so hard?
2) Are there better ways to distribute impacts?
3) What could we do instead producing and consuming stuff?
4) How does our system impact our health, relationships, environment, community, values, others
5) What is important to “quality of life?”
6) What is the role of corporations, Financial institutions and governments?
7) Is there a difference between systematic violence and protester violence?
8) What is a farmers market?
9) What can we make?
10) What is life like without negative impact? How do we do it?
11) What is the role of design in making products? How can design be used to make things better?
12) What is the role of bio-mimicry? how can we use it to make things better?
13) What is life like without advertising?
14) How could we make the school waste free?
15) How could we make recycling work at school? at home?
16) What is the role of a citizen vs a consumer?
17) What can we cut out of our lives?
18) What can we add to make our lives better?
19) What is externalizing costs?
20) Where is away?
21) Is mass productivity good?
22) Is unemployment real?
23) Capitalism? Socialism? Communism? Anarchy? Consumerism?
24) Technology?
25) Pollution?
26) What is fair? free? prosperity? human rights? is disparity necessary/inevitable?
27) How do we avoid collapse? is it possible?
28) Overpopulation?
29) Consumer protections?
30) what do you need in your space ship? To survive? To start over?

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