Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Senators and Representatives

As we have already discussed two of the most important jobs in the Government are those of Senators and Representatives (Members of Congress).
This year we will be electing both a senator (elected for 6 year terms) and a representative (elected for 2 year terms) to speak for MN and (district 5) in Congress).

Here are your choices for Senator

Stephen Williams (Independence)
Kurt Bills (Republican)
Amy Klobuchar *Incumbent  (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Tim Davis (Grassroots)
Michael Cavlan (Minnesota Open Progressives)

(As of right now, Amy Klobuchar has a significant lead over here challengers and is expected to win easily)

Here are your choices for Representative of the 5th District

Chris Fields (Republican)
Keith Ellison *Incumbent (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

(As of right now, Keith Ellison is expected to win)

One of the most difficult things to understand on a ballot is electing Judges.

There are several editorials written every year suggesting voters who don't know anything about judges should just leave that part blank, or vote for the incumbent. 

The majority of judges are elected back into office in MN. 

Here is a website that attempts to help you understand more about the MN Supreme Court Judicial Election.

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