Monday, March 25, 2013

Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercises today

The actual subject of each of these poems has more to do with changing society, but each offers a not so subtle critique of the misuse of grammar in speech, do you think it is important to follow grammar rules in speaking?

Do you find that you use  a different set of rules verbally than you do on paper?
Write down some examples in your notes.

In your opinion, are grammar rules necessary in speech?   on paper?  Why?

Have you ever felt left out of conversation because people were speaking English differently than you do?

The English language has evolved into it's current form over a period of about 1500 years. Modern English speakers probably wouldn't even recognize English in its original form,  do you think it is important to standardize English or allow it to continue to develop and evolve? 

Old English
"Eft he axode, hu ðære ðeode nama wære þe hi of comon. Him wæs geandwyrd, þæt hi Angle genemnode wæron. Þa cwæð he, "Rihtlice hi sind Angle gehatene, for ðan ðe hi engla wlite habbað, and swilcum gedafenað þæt hi on heofonum engla geferan beon."
Modern English translation
"Again he [St. Gregory] asked what might be the name of the people from which they came. It was answered to him that they were named Angles. Then he said, "Rightly are they called Angles because they have the beauty of angels, and it is fitting that such as they should be angels' companions in heaven."

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