Thursday, June 19, 2008

World Religions Day 1 Notes

On the first day we got to know each other a little and then discussed some of the religions we knew about and their origin locations. We followed that by Discussing some terms we may need to know.
Here are the notes:

Some terms:
Religion Spirituality Faith Belief Monotheism Polytheism

Religions = location of origin
Paganism/animism (nature worship) = worldwide
Judaism (Hebrews) = Israel, Egypt, Mesopotamia – split from Mesopotamian Religions
Christianity = Israel -Split off of Judaism
-Catholicism (Christian) = Italy
-Protestantism (Christian) = Germany, France (mostly)
-East Orthodox (Christian) = Turkey, Greece, Russia
Satanism = North America/Europe –split off Christianity
Islam = Saudi Arabia –Split off of Judaism and Christianity
Hinduism = India
Buddhism = India –split from Hinduism
Shinto = Japan
Rastafarianism = Jamaica/Ethiopia –split from African/Jamaican religions and Judaism/Christianity
Taoism =China

North American/Central/South American religions

Not mentioned but probably important:

Confucianism (China), Jainism (India), Zoroastrianism (Iran), Sikhism (India), Baha’i (Iran)

Various “mythologies” and varieties of the aforementioned religions.

African/Asian/Australian faiths/Caribbean Faiths

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