Thursday, June 19, 2008

World Religions Day 2


On the 2nd day we looked at creation stories from 4 religious backgrounds. Student groups summarized the stories and listed off import ideas within each reading.

Then we discussed commonalities between them, and came to some conclusions.

Ideas that were discussed included:
-elements of nature
-creator gods
-human involvement (usually that lead to them being influential or in control)
-elements of specific culture that are highlighted in the creation story (for example the Cherokee story includes corn and hunting *sustenance* and the Hindu story includes cows as the first animal besides humans created - cows are considered sacred -partially due to their ability to provide sustenance)

The stories:

Judeo-Christian Story 1
Judeo-Christian Story 2

A note*
Though the Islamic faith follows the Judeo-Christian faith, the Qur’an (The Muslim holy book) does not have one unified creation story (like in the Bible), rather it provides elements of the familiar story at varying times while discussing other matters.

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