Wednesday, June 25, 2008

World Religions Day 6

Research day 1

Student groups began their research on each of the major religions. Each student was given the assignment which consisted of directions and a number of questions to help them begin their journey "to become experts on their assigned religion". This project will culminate with student lead presentations in which all students will be expected to present and ask questions of other groups.

The packet of questions included suggested information for the presentation on topics such as:

"Who is the founder of the religion?"

"What is the geographic origin of the religion?"

"What types of rituals and rules do they have?"

"What is the purpose of humanity?"

"Is there an afterlife?"

and many more that ask for not only factual data but probe to help the students understand and analyze the information they are learning about.

On "day one" of research, students were asked to write down three sentences on any topic that they have already learned. Their answers tend to assert the basic foundations of the religion, which they will build upon in the next few days.

Islam means surrender of oneself to God. It is based on the teachings of Mohammad the Prophet who teaches Allah's words. God revealed the Koran (Quran) to Mohammad. It is the second largest religion in the world.
JudaismJesus was Jewish. The two "founders" of the religion were Abraham and Moses. They don't believe in an afterlife. They believe the present is more important than the afterlife.
BuddhismBuddhism was originally located in India. Buddhism comes from Hinduism because the founder (Siddhartha) was a Hindu. The goal (of the religion) is to find enlightenment.
HinduismHinduism is one of the oldest widespread traditions in the world. Hinduism cold be described as a henotheistic belief; one in which there is devotion to a single god, while other's are accepted.
Four goals of Hinduism:
Kama -sensual pleasure and enjoyment
Artha -Material prosperity and success
Dharma - Correct action, in accordance with one's particular duty
Moksha - liberation from the cycle (reincarnation)
ChristianityChristianity follows the Ten Commandments as laws and are lead by priests, fathers, popes and cardinals. Most Christians are baptized and have prayer as a ritual. Christianity was started by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

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