Thursday, April 11, 2013


What is work, non-work, play?
Why do we value certain kinds of work over others?
Why do we work?   Why do we do hard work?
What personal motivators do we get from work?
What societal motivators do we get from work?
Do we need to work?  How much? 
What is the outcome of our work?  (personal? societal?)
Do we need the outcome of our work?
How should we be rewarded for our work?
Should we be rewarded for our play? 
Would we work the way we do, if we personally didn't have to (if someone else could, or technology could)? 
What would happen if we stopped working?
What would happen if we stopped doing work we didn't want to do, and started doing the work we wanted to do? 
What would happen if technology replaced our work? 
Should work be voluntary, conscripted, exchanged (voluntary exchange, regulated exchange?)
What kinds of work should be promoted for the benefits of indivuals? Society?
What kinds of things would need to change in order to promote that kind of work?


Doing Better Work

What Motivates Us At Work 
7 Points

Importance of Work/Life Balance
4 Points 

Dirty Jobs
What do we learn from doing different kinds of work (dirty jobs)?  
"Peripeteia"  is a change or reversal of circumstances, or turning point. 
Passion vs effectiveness? 
"We've declared war on (hard)work...

Tibetan Buddhism and Work
4 points  

Buddhism the Meaning of Work 

Slow Down

Alternative Structures

Time Banking

Venus Project (Use Technology)
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Were the Luddites Right?  (Technology replacing workers?)

30 Hour work week *Reading

Hunter Gatherer work/play  *Reading

 Cooperative Business

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